Hugo Corres Peiretti

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How can we, the fib community, better contribute to design a more sustainable world?

Sustainability is a holistic and complex concept. The fib started working in this field, indirectly in the mid-1980´s, first as ceb and FIP and later as fib, and in a very active and direct way since the end of the 1990´s. In the beginning, we started analysing, primarily, how the environment interacts with the structures focusing on durability problems; and, more recently, how concrete and concrete structures influence the environment. More recently, it became evident that it was necessary to carry out a deeper and truly comprehensive analysis of this problem. The new Model Code 2020, in which sustainability is a concept present in all of the assumptions and actions that may take place during the entire service life of a structure, from conception to demolition/dismantlement, is a good example of this new fib position.

This presentation will try to present the fib’s history in relation to sustainability, the most recent fib actions to improve fib’s contribution to sustainability, and some thoughts for future possible fib contributions to this important aspect of our future life.

About ​Hugo Corres

Civil Engineer, MSc and PhD from Technical University of Madrid. Doctor Honoris Causa from the Technical University of Bratislava. Professor of Structural Concrete and Conceptual Design of Structured at the School of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid. fib Fellow. FIStructE. Honorary President of fib (International Federation of concrete). Former president of ACHE (Structural Concrete Scientific Association of Spain). Member of the Project Team that prepared Eurocode 2 (Structural Concrete). Member of the fib Special Activity Group 5 for the preparation of Model Code for Concrete Structures, 2010. Chairman of the COM10 Model Codes. Member of fib TG 10.1 for the preparation of the new Model Code 2020. Member of different Spanish committees for development of codes and regulations (EHE,EAE, IAPF, IAP, etc). Author of several papers and books. Founder and designer of FHECOR Consulting Engineers,