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Guimarães Declaration

Sustainability of concrete structures

The fib is the pioneer of concrete and concrete structures sustainability. Its history and background are introduced in “The fib official statement on sustainability”, published in the journal of the fib, Structural Concrete, in September 2021 ( Sustainability is an endless challenge. In other words, it is difficult to realize sustainability under complicated old systems based on fossil fuel energy. A revolutionary system change will be required. Concrete gradually becomes building material with high potential for such new technical solutions resulting in needed environmental impact reduction and consequent social and economic improvement. Towards that direction, we made Prague declaration in the fib ICCS as follows:


  1. To recreate our society, we have to develop new ethics as human beings. The new ethics include the consideration of sustainability for the design, construction, maintenance, and reuse of concrete structures.

  2. The framework of sustainability in the fib Model Code 2020 for the sustainability of concrete structures, that is under development, shall be shortly introduced to the world.

  3. More research and practical demonstrations / applications on the essence of sustainability shall be promoted and fib ICCS shall be a platform for discussions around the world for sustainability of concrete structures. The fib also takes part in other sustainability initiatives like the Globe Consensus.

  4. An evaluation system to promote sustainable technologies shall be developed. The fib will strongly support the development of this system. The remaining time for transition is very short and we must act quicky.

  5. Some insights shall be given in any research to avoid the linkage with greenwash.


 Our enthusiasm on sustainability will change our society. Let’s get together again in next fib ICCS with many achievements for next 3 years.

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