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Full oral presentation guideline

Duration: 12' followed by 3' for questions (for schedule see the programme of sessions).

Format: It is recommended to use the ICCS2021 presentation template; in any case, use 16:9 aspect ratio. MS PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX) and PDF formats are supported. If you do not intend to use MS PowerPoint or PDF presentation format, please inform us before the conference at If you have some special needs regarding your presentation, such as video etc., please contact us at as well.

Presenters will be provided with further information regarding their presentation being online/on-site.

Instructions for poster preparation

Poster presentation will be done as a slide show of 5 slides on the screen. Please, we kindly ask you to prepare your poster presentation. To allow comfortable viewing on a monitor for online participants, the poster format will not be as usual but the poster will compose from 5 pages. Please, prepare 5 slides (see the attached power point template) and send them preferably in .pdf format to (power point format is also possible). Slides will be presented on the conference web pages and also on large TV screens on-site during the conference.

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