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Nobel Auditorium of University of Minho, Campus de Azurém, Guimarães

The fib ICCS2024 will take place at the University of Minho, Campus de Azurém, Guimarães, Portugal. The University of Minho, in Northern Portugal, plays a central role in the region as an important national reference and an institution recognized in the European panorama and worldwide. Founded in 1973, the University of Minho welcomed its first students in the academic year of 1975/76. The infrastructure and facilities of the University are quite diverse. It has several emblematic buildings, relevant to the history of the city of Braga and located in the urban centre, as it is the case of the Largo do Paço building (former Archiepiscopal Palace), the Congregados building and Nogueira da Silva Museum. In the three Campi – Gualtar Campus, in Braga, Azurém and Couros Campi, in Guimarães –, the University stands out for having reference modern infrastructures and for being open to the community and to the world as a multicultural and multilingual space. 

The Campus de Azurém is established between Mount Latito, where the castle of Guimarães is located, and the hill of S. Pedro de Azurém, settles on the banks of Santa Luzia River. Composed of 18 buildings, on its north side it is settled on a slope, while on the other part of the hill it is supported by ancient granite walls, along with the Convent of Capuchos, S. Mamede’s. This location gives the campus and its buildings a wonderful landscape, characterized by the Castle of Guimarães and the arboreal set surrounding it, in the foreground, while featuring the Mount of Srª da Penha and its sanctuary in the background.  This academic space occupies an area of 23.64 ha and has a built gross area of about 98000 m2. Contain the spaces available for venues: Auditoriums, Amphitheaters and Classrooms. To mark the entrance to the campus, in a discreet place, there is a sculpture by José Guimarães, called “Devorador de Automóveis”.


The nearest airport to Guimarães is the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto, ( which is about 50 km from Guimarães - around 30 min by car or 50 min by bus. The Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport operates with 73 destinations and 20 airlines, fly directly to Porto.


A direct shuttle bus ( can conveniently be taken from the arrivals terminal of Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport to Guimarães. A one-way ride is 8,00€, the round trip 14,00€ and can be booked online.


Another option may be the use of Metro (Aiport to Porto – Campanhã station) + Train (to Guimarães). The cost is c.a. 6,00€ and the trip may last 2 hours.

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